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Brass, Acrylic & Metal Mirrored Pendant Lamp w/ 4 Lights, Antique Gold Finish..
RM2,999.00 Ex Tax:RM2,999.00
Iron & Wood Beads Chandelier w/ 5 Lights..
RM2,499.00 Ex Tax:RM2,499.00
Metal Chandelier w/ Glass Crystals..
RM1,399.00 Ex Tax:RM1,399.00
Metal Hanging Pendant Lamp, Includes 6 Vintage Light Bulbs..
RM1,099.00 Ex Tax:RM1,099.00
Metal Pendant Lamp w/ 10 Lights & Glass Bulbs, Antique Black..
RM1,899.00 Ex Tax:RM1,899.00
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