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Dining Benches

Category: Large UPH Dining Room Bench Lifestyle: Vintage CasualSeries: BolanburgBrand: AshleySize: 50.13” W x 15.13” D x 19.50” H .w3-table,.w3-table-all{border-collapse:collapse;border-spacing:0;width:100%;display:table}.w3-table-all{border:1px solid #ccc} .w3-bordered tr,.w3-table-all tr{border-bo..
RM899.00 Ex Tax:RM899.00
Category: Large Dining Room BenchLifestyle: Heritage RoadSeries: WindvilleBrand: AshleySize: 63.13” W x 16.13” D x 18.13” H .w3-table,.w3-table-all{border-collapse:collapse;border-spacing:0;width:100%;display:table}.w3-table-all{border:1px solid #ccc} .w3-bordered tr,.w3-table-all tr{border-bottom:1..
RM879.00 Ex Tax:RM879.00
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